Ten cases of consumer infringement in Qinghai announced

from the measuring instruments to food safety; from agricultural products to the daily department; big houses, small appliances, shampoo, soap, some unscrupulous operators will provide consumers set a trap, how to move, will trap one out? This needs us in life is careful, constantly strengthen awareness of rights, only in life constantly with businesses, with operators seriously, US consumption environment can be better.

in this year, 15 international consumer rights day is coming, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau for the community announced in 2015 against the interests of consumers of the typical cases of the ten. The case is covered by the survey of consumer fraud, the sale of substandard products to duck posing as beef fraud consumers and other consumers and the daily lives of closely related industries and fields. Industry and commerce departments hope that through the exposure of typical cases, to further enhance the awareness of the majority of consumer rights awareness, and promote business operators to strengthen self-discipline, law-abiding integrity management.

case 1:

use unqualified measuring instruments to cheat consumers

people to report complaints in Haixi and Delingha liquefied gas supply station metering device used to have problems with Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff to check, found that the gas supply station by the use of the measuring instruments inspection time has expired. Commissioned by the Haixi state quality supervision, inspection and testing results show that the error of the measurement instrument for each 500 grams less than 100 grams of gas, is a substandard equipment. As of the time the masses report, the liquefied gas supply station has 5482 yuan of illegal income.


rights liquefied gas supply station uses unqualified measuring instruments engaged in business activities, both for the loss of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also against the business principles of honesty and trustworthiness, which belongs to the typical consumer fraud. The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall confiscate the illegal income of 5482 yuan and impose a fine of $16446 on the party.

case two:

gas station sales of substandard oil case

last October, a gas station in Gonghe County, Xining purchased 2 tons of 93# gasoline and foreign sales, sales amounted to $15486.4. Qinghai Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce commissioned by the provincial quality supervision and inspection of the gas station sales of the batch of 93# gasoline sampling found that the batch of 93# gasoline for substandard products.

[results] the rights of

gas station sales do not meet the protection of human health and personal and property safety of the national standards, industry standard products, in violation of the "Regulations of the people’s Republic of China product quality law", the administrative punishment of industrial and commercial departments in accordance with the law to order the party concerned to rectify the illegal acts and impose a fine of $30000.

case three:

Gas Co violation of Consumer Fair Dealing Rights case

Datong County Gas Co., Ltd. is the only use of Datong County gas facilities construction and operation of natural gas business units, with a dominant position in the market advantage,;

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