Villagers new regulations on the construction of housing management

In order to further strengthen the management of rural villagers housing planning and construction, promote the intensive land use, improve rural living environment, recently, the city issued a "Xining rural housing construction management approach", compared with the original provisions, the new measures to further clarify the rural housing construction supervision and management of the subject and duties, and the individual and collective building standards and regulations are discussed in detail. "Approach" will be implemented from August 10th onwards.

"measures", in the city planning area should be the construction of new village, shall not apply for personal housing. Individual and collective building of rural villagers shall be in conformity with the planning, in strict accordance with the relevant conditions, examination and approval procedures and related requirements. In the collective land on individual housing, by the township (town) people’s government for the issuance of individual housing construction planning permits for the construction and inspection of individual housing. At the same time, the villagers should be from the construction site selection, planning, construction area, spacing and height, seismic fortification requirements, construction monomer and supporting the construction of seven aspects to comply with the relevant requirements and restrictions. Villagers building construction area: rural individual housing, the volume rate of not more than 2, and the construction area of not more than 400 square meters; rural collective housing, the per capita construction area of not more than 50 square meters. More than the prescribed construction area, will be regarded as illegal construction.

the "measures" introduced, for promoting the construction of urbanization in our city, and effectively solve the problem of illegal construction, rural villagers housing construction provide a solid legal basis to further improve the rural living environment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the villagers.  

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