The province’s banking financial institutions to strengthen the financial services of small and micr

of Small and micro businesses to further standardize the service charges, Small and micro businesses efforts to ease the financing difficulties, financing expensive, slow financing problems, recently, Qinghai Banking Regulatory Bureau issued the "guiding opinions on Further Strengthening and improving Small and micro businesses in financial services".

Qinghai office will through the "opinions" to take regular briefings, interviews with executives, on-site communication, performance appraisal, inspection and supervision and other regulatory enforcement measures, guide the banking financial institutions to increase small and micro enterprises in the financial services policy, network resources, credit resources, management resources, strengthen the Small and micro businesses and tilt the effective supply, and actively carry out Small and micro businesses collateral by way of security innovation, and vigorously promote the "silver tax interaction", "silver tax insurance interaction" service mode, improved the incremental loans effectively, ensure the realization of Small and micro businesses loan growth is not lower than the average growth rate of Small and micro businesses, the number of loans not less than last year the number of the same period, Small and micro businesses to obtain loans of not less than the level of the previous year.


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