Three highways in our province will be opened to traffic next year

this year, under the protection of about 20000000000 Yuan investment, the province’s transportation construction and achieve leapfrog development. Tea card to Golmud high-speed beltway, Xining, South Yashenga to Tongren has been basically completed high-speed roadbed engineering, was opened to traffic next year; and the little people to gorge, Kawaguchi to River home and a number of new roads are stepping up the implementation, the province’s highway network is extending in all directions. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in December 11th to complete the province’s transportation construction investment 26 billion 700 million yuan in November, an increase of more than last year, an increase of 39.4%.
tea cards to Golmud highway 474 km, after the completion of the two provinces, especially the promotion is very important for the development of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area; Yashenga to Tongren highway nearly 63 km in length, and as a Tongzhou highway, will become a link between Qinghai and Gansu to drive the coordinated development, the Chengdu Chongqing Economic zone…… Not long ago, when reporters learned this year whether it is building a high-speed or a highway at top speed all the people around Qinghai Road, more and more smooth and comfortable.


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