Three into a new growth point of employment in our province

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department learned that this year, the province’s employment continued to maintain a stable and good momentum. At the end of March, the province’s urban employment 15 thousand and 200; urban unemployed employment 7257 people; employment 436 thousand and 200 people labor transfer of agricultural and pastoral areas; urban registered unemployment rate of 3.1%.

provincial government attaches great importance to employment, this year the implementation of the employment policy of the monthly bulletin, real-time monitoring, supervision and accountability system, and further improve the organization and leadership, target assessment, financial support mechanisms. In the first quarter, the province held a spring action, employment assistance month, routine recruitment activities more than and 30 games, providing jobs 30 thousand and 500 times, to reach the intention of employment of 8176 copies. In this year’s human resources market, the following characteristics.

three production to increase employment. Our province has increased the reform, decentralization, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial restructuring and upgrading, and vigorously support the Small and micro businesses and family service industry and the third industry development, reform dividends continue to release, effectively promote employment and entrepreneurship. According to the provincial human resources market statistics, a quarter of private enterprises, small and micro enterprises accounted for 82% of the total number of jobs, state-owned enterprises, large enterprises accounted for only 18%. The leasing business sector, resident services, accommodation and catering, entertainment industry, transportation and warehousing, postal industry wholesale and retail industry, electric water industry and other 7 industries, employment increased demand, a quarter of urban employment 3693 people, an increase of 24.22%, become the employment of the new formats, new engines and new growth point.

market demand for technical personnel. A quarter of the province’s agricultural and pastoral labor transfer employment 436 thousand and 200 people, according to reports, although there is a certain increase, but the employment situation is still tight. From the external market, the main destinations of export of labor services in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin and the southern region, the state-owned farms of large and medium-sized enterprises, reduce the number of job recruitment, education not limited to some enterprises, middle or high school above requirements out this year. Similarly, in the province of human resources market, the professional technical, marketing, financial business civilian computer class high demand, but the employer demand for labor skills, physical type primary is reduced about 10%, the structural contradiction of employment is difficult, hard to recruit outstanding ".


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