Provincial and municipal health institutions to do a good job of influenza a H1N1 influenza preventi

the afternoon of May 4th and the morning of 5, the province’s response to influenza a H1N1 joint prevention and control work coordination group responsible person jointly with the Department of health emergency office, disease control department, medical department responsible person to the provincial hospital for infectious diseases, disease prevention and control center and the provincial hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital, should check the influenza a H1N1 influenza epidemic the implementation of prevention and control work. At present, the provincial and municipal medical institutions are doing their best to prevent and control influenza A (H1N1).

inspection team has come, pre fever clinic of the provincial hospital for Infectious Diseases Department of infectious diseases, a detailed understanding of triage procedures, check the equipment operation condition, asking drug instrument material reserves etc.. The inspection team believes that the provincial hospital for infectious diseases equipment and technology have the appropriate conditions, but can not relax, not sloppy, hardware and software facilities have to be fully prepared, as long as you have the ability to respond to be prepared against want, outbreak.

disease prevention and control center in the province, the inspection team to the pathogenic microorganism laboratory, experimentation area, epidemic emergency command, office of public health emergencies in Qinghai 12320 public hotline management center, to understand and grasp the province’s public health emergency command for emergency disposal, emergency protective equipment and pathogen sampling test equipment, check the disease surveillance information reporting management system. The inspection team requirements, authoritative, expert of Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention of disease prevention and control, in the global H1N1 influenza epidemic spread widening, the possibility of increasing the input of the situation, to play an important role in disease prevention and control, should be more vigilant and prepared to meet the challenge, to intensify staff training and emergency drilling work direct network reporting system, strengthen and improve emergency response capabilities. To play the role of the 12320 health hotline, patience to answer for the masses and the dissemination of health science knowledge, for the public to dispel misunderstanding. At the same time, we must do a good job of self-protection and protection of medical staff, in response to the epidemic while ensuring their own safety.

inspection group in Qinghai province people’s hospital emergency command center and pre fever clinic, a detailed understanding of the emergency plan and emergency response capabilities, check out the emergency equipment and triage procedures. In the second people’s Hospital of Xining City, the fever clinic of the hospital pre examination triage procedures and inspection equipment, to understand the difficulties and problems existing and emergency material reserves. Inspection team asked the hospital in line with the purpose of protecting people’s health and life safety, do all emergency preparedness, open and transparent, scientific prevention and control, play an important role in the critical moment of medical institutions, to protect the safety of a party. At the same time to be fully prepared to work before the pre isolation, to prevent cross infection before the pre.


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