The most beautiful stage colored Jersey were not changed

in July 8th 2015, the fourteenth "Qinghai Nongxin Cup" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race of the fourth stage of Qinghai Lake to the Gangcha game. This stage is called the most beautiful stage, is worthy of the name of the game. Along the way the clouds next to the snow capped mountains, rape is connected with the Qinghai lake, flocks of cattle and sheep in the grasslands of the move, beautiful scenery. The day of the game, from the Russian team Los siviero Ivan became the fourth stage of the race in 4 hours 33 minutes 57 seconds, the No. 61 team Ukraine Kors Mikhail Lo, No. 141 Slovenia Yamobeier adley team Mark won the two or three.

this stage of a total length of 185 kilometers, with a total of three sprint points, respectively in the 66.6 km, the horse Township 120.7 kilometers of the island and the 158.2 kilometers of the Quanji township. The starting point for the lowest stage elevation of about 3140 meters, the highest elevation is at the stage of end point, close to 3300 meters. The players from the point of view of the Qinghai Lake scenic area, clockwise semi circle around the road, it is this lake race from Qinghai Lake in recent stage, is also the most beautiful stage of this lake race.

192, the Bank of Gansu Chinese intercontinental team Yang Zengtao, No. 182 China Hainan leads the way wild intercontinental team Yu Shijie, No. 211 Qinghai tianyoude team Zhang Jinde took the lead through the first sprint, won the first sprint points of the top three.

after the first sprint points, the group began to force, chase, break through, then chase, and then break through…… For a time the team was divided into several groups, staged a wonderful pursuit of war, until 153 km, the first pursuit of the group before it was caught in front of the leading players. Third sprint points before the U.S. No. 71 Al Gass Saifuwei team Lewis suddenly force out of mass, then there are two players from the mass breakout of chase, the three players through the first third sprint points. Third sprint points, a lot of players to break through the success of a large group in front of the formation of a leading group of 17 people, a group of the pursuit of the 6. When the game went to 171.2 km, in addition to the front of the leading group of the group of 17, the group back to other players. The final 31 Russian team Los siviero took the lead through the end point.

the stage after the end of the game, colored Jersey were not changed. 63 Ukraine Kors team, with a good play, continue to hold the total score of the first yellow shirt. No. 141 Slovenia Yamobeier adley team Mark saved the green jersey sprint points, No. 157 Taipei RTS ho Hussein to keep the ghoulishly Asia best blue shirts, polka dot Jersey continues to hold No. 207 by the Ningxia lottery team Fawkes Colorado.

July 9th, the fourteenth session of the 2015";

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