Qinghai province public security against the crime of speeding up the crime to effectively maintain

meeting, decided to join the relevant departments of the state and city public security departments, resolutely, as soon as possible to fight the crime of speeding up robbery, and effectively maintain social

will stabilize.

recently, Qinghai, Xining and other places have occurred in the case of car robbery, a serious impact on social security and stability. Would

On the

, for the new form of the case of the occurrence of the phenomenon of speeding up and criminals choose to do the time, place, means, object

and so on, research and formulate countermeasures. Decided by the Provincial Public Security Bureau police corps led, unified command, coordination of States,

public security organs to quickly detect and combat series of car robbery case; local to local cases based, timely exchange of information,

teamed up to fight, and vigorously carry out the fight against speeding up a special fight.

series and case after the meeting, the public security organs and the success of a string of evidence confirmed 6 cases, identified the main suspect

, in order to further promote the fight robbery caught a fugitive "campaign, as soon as possible implementation of the foundation against cracking. Author:

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