Xining metropolis financial circles gradually formed the development of financial institutions activ

regardless of key projects or development of small and micro enterprises, can quickly get financing; large domestic and foreign financial institutions on the future development potential can be quickly settled, and flourishing"…… The financial development of a city is not only a symbol of strength, but also a reflection of urban development potential. November 28th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Finance Office, with the continuous strengthening of financial strength, Xining is gradually forming a metropolitan financial circles to a more scientific and efficient operation as a boost to urban development.

key projects "not bad money"

according to the Xining municipal finance office responsible person, this year, Xining City pays special attention to the financial work, the establishment of the Xining municipal financial work leading group, the establishment of a joint financial working conference of Xining city system, focusing on how to solve the Xining City financial industry development problems, carried out 18 research topics. Has organized three cadres lectures and a financial period in Xining city finance basic knowledge training, formulated the "guidance" to the development of the financial industry in Xining, and for the first time held in Xining financial work conference, to further enhance the initiative and win more financial resources to share and promote economic and social development.

at the same time, the government’s attention, Xining city key construction projects with strong financial support, comprehensive renovation and expansion of the North Central Plaza Xining Railway Station and other key construction project financing amount exceeded 10 billion yuan. Xining city investment company two issue of corporate bonds issued successfully. Affordable housing, land reserves, education and other important progress in the adjustment of loans. Phoenix Road, the New District of dopa, Kumbum Monastery 5A scenic upgrade project financing is doing preparatory work. At the end of October, Xining City, a 44 key construction projects completed a total investment of 8 billion 410 million yuan, accounting for 84.7% of the annual investment plan.

financial institutions hundred flowers

this year, the financial market in Xining showed prosperity. Currently, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, Xining branch has opened operations, CITIC Bank Xining branch to apply for approval has been approved by the banking regulatory bureau, will be established in the west district business outlets. State finance and the city of Xining on the establishment of 10 billion yuan investment in urban development fund to reach the intention to determine the first to expand the center of the north square of the first phase of the land reserve project for the seed project fund.

at the same time, the healthy development of new financial institutions. At the end of October, Xining financing guarantee institutions reached 33, the insurance liability balance of 11 billion 480 million yuan. Small loan company 31, loan balance of 2 billion 370 million yuan. Pawn 15, hock balance of $64 million 522 thousand and 700. Among them, this year the new financing guarantee institutions 6, 16 small loan companies, the new registered capital of 1 billion 400 million yuan.

small and micro enterprises loan strong power

at the end of October, Xining area loans amounted to 215 billion 684 million yuan, an increase of 30 billion 201 million yuan over the beginning of the year, an increase of 20.99%, the province accounted for 81.17% of the loan balance;

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