Xining municipal organs of genuine software

the afternoon of June 19th, the city of Xining and the Microsoft Corp office software suppliers held Xining units directly under the authority of the signing ceremony of computer purchasing genuine software, which marks the 65 government of Xining city to achieve genuine software. Xining municipal government office software legalization project tender in March this year at the beginning, in the meantime, Xining city has two times the total 3 million 600 thousand yuan to raise funds to purchase a computer operating system and office software.

from June 22nd, ready to the 65 municipal authorities and the installation of a unified set of genuine software. It is worth mentioning that the Xining municipal government software legalization work extends to government units outside the Party committee, the Standing Committee of the NPC, CPPCC, the people’s court and the people’s Procuratorate organs, the use of legal software greatly expand the range. According to the relevant person in charge of Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau, government organs responsible for the protection of intellectual property rights responsibilities, the protection of intellectual property rights to create a good investment environment, the formation of a good social atmosphere of advocating the spirit of innovation, respect for intellectual property rights in the whole society. Next, they will proceed to carry out to the District, county government software legalization, and strive to the end of October to complete the work. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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