Xining will build 311 recycling of renewable resources

each family has many items, these items would be wasteful, keep and occupy the place. In order to recycle more waste, the provincial capital this year to build 311 recycling of renewable resources, the waste into renewable resources.

at present, most of the recycling enterprises in Xining are small and scattered, waste recycling has not formed a scale. According to the Ministry of Commerce experts concerned, in accordance with the recovery of existing resources utilization, regeneration of residents in our country present life level and the material update rate, average every 3000 households should be set to a fixed recovery site, in order to improve the recycled materials use value. According to the proportion of urban population, Xining plans to build 311 fixed recycling sites in the urban areas, change the status quo of the recycling of waste goods recycling industry. 2012, Xining 122 new recycling station, so that a certain degree of utilization of domestic waste. Before the end of this year, plans to complete the 311 recycling of renewable resources, sorting centers from 4 to 7, from 1 to 2 of the distribution market, the construction of the transformation and upgrading of scrap automobile dismantling Center 1. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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