Forum on modern agriculture and new rural construction in ethnic minority areas in Qinghai

Datong County People’s government Ma Wenyi, deputy governor of Datong County, the development of modern agriculture construction characteristics of the new rural special report

7 22, China’s ethnic areas of modern agriculture and new rural construction forum held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the new highway Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone Huahai Horticultural Exhibition Center held a grand.

forum, deputy secretary, Datong county magistrate Han Shengcai delivered a welcome speech to the leaders and experts, center of rural social development director of agriculture, Wang Xiuzhong held a high-level forum of speech, deputy director of the center for rural social undertakings in the Ministry of agriculture Yan Duanxiang made a study report through the general idea of the mode; Datong County People’s Government vice mayor Ma Wenyi made a special report of the new rural development of modern agriculture and construction characteristics of datong.

Ma Wenyi made a special report on the development of the concept of modern agriculture, the main practice, the basic experience, the core achievement, the goal orientation and the essence. The report pointed out that in recent years, Datong County focus on the overall goal, ensuring the supply of leisure ", adhere to the" the Datong County in Xining city built important basket and leisure agriculture base "development orientation, in accordance with the general requirements of the development of high yield and high quality, efficient, ecological and safe agriculture, accelerate the development of modern agriculture. Highlight the development of agricultural facilities, focus on the transformation of economic development mode, optimize the industrial structure, the comprehensive agricultural production capacity and increasing market competitiveness, is the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture led by a group of national modern agriculture demonstration zone, and the culture and tourism integration to agricultural construction, out of an agricultural facility, industrial scale, circulation, product branding, market sales of modern agricultural development, the province’s leading modern agriculture Development of industry. The steady development of agricultural facilities to enhance the construction of new countryside development in Datong county according to the construction of new socialist countryside policy, establish a sound working system, efforts to carry out the project integration, and carry out village renovation, from the peasant masses are most concerned about, the most urgent requirement, the most effective thing, take the whole village, old village the construction of multi transformation model, model, model of leisure tourism, cooperation mode, circulation mode of six kinds of mode, to promote the city to promote rural development of urban and rural development. In order to promote the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, culture, tourism integration to agricultural construction, in order to activate the rural tourism development of modern agriculture, for the development of modern agriculture in ethnic minority areas, expand agricultural function, increase farmer income, beneficial attempt to promote the characteristics of the new rural construction.

forum, the national agricultural technology promotion center chief expert Zhang Zhenhe, the Ministry of agriculture, rural economic system and management division researcher, respectively, to make a special report speech

high-level forum by the Ministry of agriculture rural social affairs;

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