Community civilized persuasion in action

July 1st, who lives in the community of Cailang Ji Xiang Huang out, her much something — a smiley face logo, which is two days before her in the West District of Xinghai Street office "civilization, I and your colleagues" thousands of people swearing activities to persuade members of the mark of civilization. Every day, Huang Ji wears a smiling face sign, took to the streets to start work.

"master, you want to clean up the trash in front of the shop oh!" "We want to create a national civilized city of Xining, we hope to cooperate with the environmental health." When you see a roadside shop in front of the unclean, Huang Ji Ji came forward to persuade the store flagship sweep clean, and to the owner, pedestrians distribute promotional materials. Like Huang Ji Cailang civilization persuade members in Xing Hai Lu region as well as 29, some of them are a National People’s Congress, some members of the CPPCC National Committee, the residents of the area is more. The 30 civilization persuade members up to be really hard work.

I heard that the office to set up a civilized persuasion team, we are particularly excited, are enthusiastically registered. I’m very happy to be a civilized persuasion!" Huang Ji Cailang keen on public welfare activities, the establishment of a mention of civilized persuasion team, becomes very excited. She stooped to pick up a box of ice cream from the sidewalk, said the quality of the living environment, not only affect the image of the city, but also related to the vital interests of every citizen. "When the persuasion, not only to protect the environment, promote civilized and polite, but also to find their own fun." Huang Ji Cailang face suffused with a smile.

"how can this plastic package be thrown here?" Another persuasive member, Lao Li, picked up a dirty plastic package from the sidewalk and threw it into the trash can. Reporters asked civilization persuasion is not temporary, Lao Li anxious: how can it be temporary, we are long-term, every day to go to the streets and publicity publicity." He said they would persevere.

Xing Hai Street Office of community civilization persuasion team a total of 30 people, are voluntarily participated in, without any compensation.


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