Central for sanitation workers free physical examination

October 28th, the reporter learned from the Urban District Urban Management Bureau, from the beginning of October 27th, the city area for more than 600 sanitation workers for a period of two days of free physical examination. In recent years, the City Council, the district government and the Urban Management Bureau is very concerned about the health problems of sanitation workers, by the beginning of the financial allocation of special funds more than 12 yuan, for the region’s sanitation workers health examination. It is reported that the physical examination items, including height, weight, blood pressure, ECG, B ultrasound, liver function and other routine inspection items. Respectively in the urban areas of the main walled health centers, Urban Management Bureau of the third floor conference room, the city sanitation workers to build a public rental housing 3 checkpoints. At the same time, the hospital will focus on the result of the examination, the establishment of health records for sanitation workers, sanitation workers and do a feedback, let sanitation workers understand their own physical condition, the disease can hide early prevention, early detection and early treatment.  

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