College entrance examination marking is expected to end in June 20th

college entrance examination affecting the majority of students and parents heart, marking the nature of social concern. The reporter learned from the provincial admissions in June 15th, our province college entrance examination in 2016 online marking work commenced in June 10th, is expected to end in June 20th. The morning of June 13th, the province Zhaoban invited deputies and CPPCC members, parents and the news media reporters and representatives of more than 20 people visited the province common entrance marking points, marking and marking process understanding, representatives of parents agreed that the visit marking the point: "see review of volume management transparency, marking the procedure strictly, marking the teacher responsible, as parents, we were relieved!"

according to the provincial admissions and marking the introduction of the school, I work this year to strengthen the province marking the following measures: one is to further strengthen the organization and leadership. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of our province online marking work, the trick has established a grading leading group, marking the school set up by the president as head of the leading group set up marking point, Chinese, mathematics and English six subjects marking group and discipline inspection group, the arbitration group and the marking quality inspection group six security group. And work responsibilities, a clear division of tasks, in order to ensure high quality grading work. From the beginning of June 1st, the provincial admissions and marking school work carried out on marking the preparation and training of personnel selection and marking. The marking staff of teachers in Colleges and intermediate titles as the main body, the amount of hired key senior high school teachers (accounted for 10% of the marking staff), middle school teacher does not participate in the marking, formed a rational structure, rich experience and professional culture marking teachers. Two is to further strict on-site management. For marking the work of computer and other special equipment carried out physical isolation, to ensure the absolute safety of information. Marking the site closed, full implementation of the whole monitoring and the entire mobile phone signal shielding. Site by the armed police and security personnel on duty, personnel in and out of the province must be held by the examination and Management Center issued work documents. It is prohibited to carry and use all the storage media and communications equipment in the site, arrange to keep personal items marking staff, to ensure the confidentiality and security of marking work, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. The three is to further the strict grading rules. In order to make this year’s marking work, in the formal marking before the reference standard for evaluation score and marking school in accordance with the Ministry of education formulated the corresponding assessment rules, and choose the typical answer as training volume, marking the teacher organization for review, to grasp the label from quasi. The training volume review qualified, each subject teachers try to comment, more familiar with the standard for evaluation, assessment test results statistics before passing into the review process. Choice of marking the formal marking in the non use of the "2+1+1 mode", namely each question by the two teachers marking Independence Score, when two scores difference exceeds a threshold value, the system will automatically is transmitted to the third teachers marking three assessment, if it exceeds a threshold by the expert group in the final. At the same time, has also taken a series of statistical measurement, monitoring all the time for each marking teachers marking quality. The group identification marking discipline group, the same volume of doubt Justice ruled by respondents, marking discipline group;

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