Female entrepreneurship inventory

there are a lot of female entrepreneurship projects, there are more and more women to join the ranks of entrepreneurs, and the industry is also more extensive. If you want to do a good job in investment management, then in what direction? Many female entrepreneurs are looking for projects to worry about, there is no good advice? Let’s have a look.

to pet beauty, beauty of a series of stringent procedures, to the first step of physical Pang hair is, what hair tie, eye redness, sticky buttocks, waste PET to pet beauty salons, pet beauty salons to skillfully put them all to Mao Shukai, then to pet taoerduo, nails, wash the eyes, and clean the pet eyes of the dirt below fold, the pet is washed clean, then pets into constant temperature room, reduction with quwuli strong, no irritation, the pet shampoo bath for them, but also for their use absorbent towels absorb water, dry with a hair dryer, hair comb; the last step is the modification of pet, trimming its chest, legs, feet and head of the Soke to complete these processes skillfully, technically must pass, superb technology is beauty The necessary conditions for the survival of pet beauty shop.

in the beauty, the beautician will check the pet hair without dropping off, there is no skin redness, sores, pet malnutrition, also check whether the dog ear and eye inflammation. On the different Pang, the beauty shop also offers a variety of different training, training it does not eat other people’s things, timing, such as size, fees ranging from 100 to 300 yuan. If the owner wants to go out, can not take care of pets, beauty shops also provide pet care. At the same time, in order to attract customers, some beauty shop free pet mate.

female entrepreneurial projects: opening a personalized doll shop:

modern urban life rhythm is accelerating, brought more and more pressure. In order to relieve pressure, many people are looking for fresh life. Buy yourself a craft doll, like pets like gardening, leisure or mood not good time with the doll to speak, this is also a kind of decompression method. From yiyaxueyu children, stylish young people, to the experienced and steady middle-aged, and even a lot of people all love grey-haired, craft doll, some people not only own collection, but also to give it as a gift. Therefore, the opening of a personalized doll shop, there will be a market.

female entrepreneurial projects: home appliance embroidery boutique:

diy electric embroidery has the most popular cartoon characters, beautiful flowers, English letters, irregular patterns, etc.. When you just put them on the characters, beautiful flowers, English letters, irregular patterns, put on clothes anywhere, with an electric iron in the 120 to 150 DEG C temperature press 45 ~ 60 seconds, you can stick on clothes, like with a fine pattern, and is not afraid of washing. More important is the electric price of each township, recommended

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