How to apply for commercial loans to provident fund

In order to further promote the development of the housing loan business, in recent years, Xining provident fund management center issued the "Interim Provisions" of commercial housing loans to the housing provident fund loan policy, permit commercial housing loans to the provident fund loan business, this business is not only to increase the loan distribution efforts, but also to facilitate the public housing loans. So, what people can enjoy this kind of business? What procedures are needed to handle the business?

specific loan process: print mortgage loan repayment list to the provident fund management center consulting business hall; the applicant to apply for early repayment of bank mortgage loans; the funds repaid all bank mortgage loans; applicants holding my ID card to the Xining City real estate, land management, land, real estate mortgage loans he warrants the cancellation of registration the applicant will loan formalities; the required information to the trustee bank (the applicant can choose the trustee bank); trustee bank trial after the provident fund management center for approval; after approval by the trustee bank according to the approval center signed a loan contract with the applicant and the relevant procedures; the trustee bank for real estate and land mortgage formalities; loan, transfer of funds to the borrower’s account.

the term of the loan to Xining housing provident fund management center and related regulations.  

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