336 million subsidies for farmers to participate in agricultural insurance

is one of the provinces where natural disasters are serious, poor farmers and herdsmen by tolls is major problem in life. Since 2007, the provincial financial subsidies for agricultural insurance premiums continue to increase investment, a total investment of 336 million yuan, an average annual increase of 54%, insured farmers amounted to 140 thousand times, as the province’s farmers and herdsmen production and living an umbrella propped up.

in our province many kinds of disasters occurred frequently, causing a large loss of objective reality, in 2007, the Provincial Department of finance made a pilot to carry out financial agricultural insurance premium subsidies, this is the financial sector following the abolition of agricultural tax, the implementation of tuition fee subsidies, free compulsory education in rural areas of food after a new agricultural measures. In order to implement this policy, the agricultural insurance scheme of province finance made the central and provincial government policies and take a large proportion of the premium "law of large number", by the farmers and herdsmen to assume a small amount of premium, to fully mobilize the Farmers Insurance and insurance agencies enthusiasm, enhance insurance awareness of farmers and herdsmen.

since the beginning of 2007, the province in the eastern agricultural area of Ledu, mutual aid, Huangzhong 3 counties 6 townships (towns) to carry out agricultural insurance pilot. Up to now, the premium subsidy varieties from the original 7 to the existing 12, the insured farmers up to 140 thousand times, the total amount of insurance reached $9 billion 200 million. Insured farmers, planting insurance area, livestock breeding livestock, the total amount of insurance, financial premium subsidy funds increased by 5.4 times compared to 2007, respectively, 16.6 times, 8 times, 45 times, 12.3 times.


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