Let Xining sky more blue water Qingcheng greener — an interview with Wang Yubo

Xining will unswervingly adhere to the "mountain" and "water" and "Qi" and "emission reduction", let the sky bluer, the water clearer, and more green city, make Xining become a vibrant city, economic life, social harmony and stability of the city, rich cultural connotation, city life the comfort and convenience of city, a beautiful ecological environment of the city."

March 6th, the National People’s Congress, Xining mayor Wang Yubo said in an interview with this reporter.

Wang Yubo said that as the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the only population of over one million cities, the construction of a beautiful livable city in line with the fundamental interests of the people and aspirations. In recent years, Xining municipal government has always put the construction and protection of ecological environment in the economic and social development are equally important position, unremittingly committed to afforestation, dedicated to the treatment of wastewater and gas, committed to the "three water", "Sanhe six shore" landscaping, to focus on saving resources to promote industrial upgrading the development of circular economy, and comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization. Around the construction of people’s satisfaction with the "life of the city", "city of happiness", successfully created the "national sanitary city", "national garden city", "national model green city" and "provincial environmental protection model city", further improve the ecological environment, livable conditions for further optimization.

"government work report" pointed out that the ecological environment of the people’s well-being, related to future generations and the future of the nation. To meet the expectations of the people for a better life, and vigorously strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection.

Wang Yubo said, therefore, Xining will continue to firmly establish the concept of ecological priority to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, focus on the construction of plateau ecological livable city goals, to build a complete urban green corridor, build the city green space system characteristic as the starting point, continue to do the "mountain, water and gas treatment" the time and energy saving, improving the ecological environment of Xining, the province at the forefront of efforts in the construction of "national ecological civilization pilot area, to create a national environmental protection model city, the construction of the beautiful livable Xining.

"to this end, we must earnestly implement the five measures." Wang Yubo said. One is committed to building the plateau landscape garden city, two are promoting environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction, three is to actively promote low-carbon society, the four is to unremittingly cause of people’s livelihood, the five is to strengthen the social management and cultural construction.

, in particular, to focus on building the ecological city as the core to the layout of three ring, two north-south mountain barrier, the depth of the county, the implementation of a number of artificial forest base, ecological wetland and other projects, the implementation of the "four" greening projects, effectively improve the forest coverage rate. To speed up the comprehensive management of the Huangshui River Basin, accelerate the water source protection area, emergency water supply and water special safety protection engineering construction, this year for the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, garbage harmless treatment rate reached more than 92%, and strive to maintain good air quality in more than 85%. Efforts should be made to establish an incentive mechanism and evaluation system conducive to the development of low-carbon industries, and to build a national solar energy demonstration base. Must press;

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