Crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic today staged speed and passion

Yesterday, in the sixth session of the "World Cup popularity" China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge elite tournament players gathered in Guide, in the clear water of the the Yellow River successfully completed the test. Today, the game officially started, the top 74 winter swimming players from 14 countries will compete in the cold water in the Yellow River.

the coldest days, cold. Yesterday morning at 10 am, Guide County temperature minus 16 degrees celsius. The cold weather, did not stop the pursuit of the spirit of the Olympic sports winter swimming enthusiasts. Under the orderly guidance and arrangement of the referee, after a brief warm-up, the contestants were divided into four groups to test the water. About half an hour, the players successfully completed the test.The referee of the tournament

the referee in the eyes of the classic

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