Housing maintenance money transferred, you know

Community facilities and housing maintenance has been plagued by the problem of the people. "Xining special maintenance fund management approach" after the introduction, the general public is very concerned about: how to buy housing maintenance funds? Which utilities can apply for special maintenance funds? To this end, the city real estate management department in January 21st in this newspaper published a full text of the approach. In order to allow the public to understand more, the city property management departments on the details of this approach for the public to interpret the exclusive.

interpretation of a: maintenance fund is the housing endowment money

property is a special maintenance fund for the common parts of the property, the maintenance of shared facilities and equipment after the expiration of the maintenance, renovation and transformation of the funds, the housing endowment money". The establishment of special maintenance funds is the need to protect the owner’s house maintenance, is the need to safeguard the common interests of the owners, but also the needs of urban management.

interpretation two: low collection standards affect residential maintenance

in recent years, with the rapid development of real estate industry, and the number of new houses have been built residential increased year by year, the deposit amount of property maintenance funds is increasing year by year, at the same time maintenance problems more and more commercial housing gradually. But at present, the city’s special maintenance fund aspects of the property collection standards are low, difficult to raise funds, etc., the impact of maintenance funds to play an effective role.

interpretation three: maintenance fund management problems

the introduction of the new approach improves the collection standard, solve caused by not enough to complete the one-time small maintenance problem of the low collection; adjust the collection time, from the initial registration link in advance to the original contract for the sale of real estate registration link, avoid the development and construction unit maintenance funds are long-term occupation damage the interests of owners of the problem. At the same time, the establishment of a maintenance fund to raise the system, etc., to solve the problem of difficult to raise funds to raise funds.

interpretation four: maintenance fund specific deposit standard

new residential and non residential property owners in accordance with the owners of the construction area of the deposit, the first property maintenance funds deposited as multi-storey residential (not equipped with lift) 60 yuan per square metre; multi-storey residential villa (with elevator), 70 yuan per square metre; small high-rise, high-rise residential, office buildings 80 yuan per square metre; garage, commercial housing 90 yuan per square metre. Maintenance funds sold public housing, by selling units in accordance with the multi-storey residential Shoufangkuan not less than 20%, high-rise residential Shoufangkuan not less than 30%, from Shoufangkuan extracted once the special maintenance fund; owners owned the property in accordance with the construction area of special maintenance funds deposited, per square meter construction area of the deposit payment amount for special maintenance funds the cost of housing reform in the city 2%.


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