Clean up and abolish a number of price collection documents

in order to further promote the province’s price reform process, better play the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission to clean up the abolition of the 53 prices and fees.

in recent years, according to the national and provincial government on the deployment of price reform, the province continued to accelerate the pace of price reform, government pricing is significantly reduced, the provincial administrative fees abolished, the implementation of government pricing of the project management and service charges and related enterprises project management and service charges implementation of inventory management, in the market price on the road of reform has made important strides.

it is reported that this clean-up abolished documents mainly include three aspects: one is according to the "Qinghai province pricing directory" in our province, railway and railway line transportation price, railway, civil aviation, postal service extends the full liberalization of prices, the implementation of market regulated prices, hereby repealed related documents 27 pricing; two is I land assessment, asset evaluation, bidding agent, engineering supervision, highway engineering detection and testing of construction materials, construction project preparatory work, tax consulting service and accounting service business service charges fully liberalized, the implementation of market regulated prices, which abolished the relevant documents 11; three is the administrative set in our province Railway protection zone fees, medical fees, IC card organization code certificate fees, fees and other charges, detection of radio facilities project has been abolished, which abolished the relevant documents 15 A.


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