Do a good job of four construction to improve the level of performance

in recent years, Datong County CPPCC provincial CPPCC work conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, give prominence to the "four" construction, an effort to make efforts to improve the ability and level of the CPPCC to perform their duties, effectively promoting the Datong government environment construction, and achieved tangible results.

one is to grasp the ideological construction, the concept of continuous innovation. has always been the eternal theme of their learning as a CPPCC member, as the primary task of strengthening the ideological construction, improve their level of the task, the learning throughout the work of the CPPCC, the CPPCC Standing Committee member and make full use of learning seminars, members training, machine learning, cadres and other forms of individual self, especially for members the forms and methods of basic theory and knowledge of the new members of the CPPCC and in-depth investigation, inspection, proposal writing and other members to perform their duties, this year also study and formulate the "county CPPCC members training five year plan", made a detailed arrangement of the training content, training methods, and strive to members and cadres to accept a system in each session of the training, at the same time, each quarter to the Committee issued a "learning materials", inform the party is important Policy, conference spirit, policies and regulations, economic and technological content, so that the majority of CPPCC members to establish a correct concept of performance, and effectively enhance the political sense of honor and sense of responsibility, improve the level of performance and enthusiasm.

two is to grasp the construction of the system, more standardized way to perform their duties. in recent years, we take the system construction as the core, to standardize the operation of the foundation, to program construction as the starting point, combined with the actual, revised the "county CPPCC Standing Committee work rules", "county CPPCC proposals work regulations", formulated the "Interim Provisions on County CPPCC members attendance examination evaluation (Trial)", "county CPPCC Chairman, vice chairman of committee system", "contact the county CPPCC members to contact the Democratic Party System" and other rules and regulations, strict political consultation procedures, enhance political negotiation ability, efforts to form a long-term mechanism, to explore and improve continuously in practice, to ensure that the work of the CPPCC has made laws and regulations to be kept and ordered to follow, further the standard way to perform their duties cppcc.

three is to grasp the quality of work, performance is more obvious. To sum up in political negotiations. to carry out various consultation activities, strive to work hard in the word "and", in a harmonious and tolerant attitude to create a harmonious atmosphere of a host of consultations, consultations, and to build a harmonious chase construction to reduce the resistance, cohesion force, increase power. seeking truth in democratic supervision. continue to improve the democratic supervision mechanism, efforts in the real word effort. Through conference presentations, proposals, public opinion, members of the inspection, appraisal and other forms of participation, strengthen the democratic supervision of the work of the government and relevant departments of the relevant work of Party committees and governments seriously involved in the organization and supervision of PCED activities, to understand and grasp the real problems, to review the unit feedback, true communication, put forward the improvement the proposal, to promote the peer unit sincere for the effective implementation of the rectification, promote the government decision-making and dry;

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