mprove the quality of the community to build a new community, filled with love of the big family

at noon on August 17th, a white van parked in the Xining city social welfare in front of the gate, 4 people down on the car, they are Taining community staff. Hua hua!" Li Hui, director of the community to see the flower is eating in the yard, shouting. Empress! Empress!" Flower put down the lunch box, ran towards the door.

according to the warm sunshine in the Xining city social welfare courtyard, sitting in front of the garden flower said: "a few days ago, uncle and aunt came to see me, took me out to play." Uncle and aunt is a flower neighbor. Distant relatives are not as close neighbors, these years, the neighbors did not stop the care and help of the flower family. Do not have these good neighbors, flower one does not know how to live like." Taining community staff Li Lianmei explained. The staff of the community to go, flower pulled Li Hui’s hand and said: "mother, I drink the cup is borrowed, next to remember to bring a cup, but also to bring my sandals, don’t forget to call my brother to see my socks……" Flower to Li Hui account of what she needs. "Empress, the next come to take me out to play." Looking at the community staff sitting in the car, flowers across the door shouting.


to apply for subsistence allowances

my father died early, one family by his father a survivor issued units of living expenses. "Hundreds of yuan family fee, not enough to feed a few of them." Li Hui said, flower intelligence defects, one day in 2004, Li Hui to understand the situation after the flowers, and the staff of the community to the flower house. "It’s hard to be a flower." Come out from the flower house, Li Hui and community workers to discuss a flower to do a minimum guarantee. Flowers can be registered in the north of the mother’s account, Li Hui went to the north of the city, the flower mother’s account moved to the area. Give them a home is very difficult to do." The flower family lives in the Taining garden, the house is her father unit welfare room. Because of some reasons, each review, the minimum application will always be beaten back." Look at their living conditions, Lihui more and more anxious, it’s broken, worn-out mouth. Until May 2005, the application was approved. In this way, the family has become a flower garden in Taining only has three families with low assurance.

‘funeral for

"the flower of the mother’s body has been bad." Li Hui said, flower mother suffering from a variety of diseases, such as heart disease, died before, spent more than 2000 yuan in hospital medical expenses, but her family simply can not get out, and finally free treatment by the community health station. "Last December 4th, my mother died." Li Hui recalls, when the community health station staff to give flowers to her mother injections, Li Hui also went to the flower home to take some reimbursement of medical bills. "We can’t open the door." Finally, the staff of the community to find flowers in the yard to play, get the key to open the door but found that the flower mother fell on the ground has died. "I can’t contact other relatives. I’ll call the funeral home;

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