Auto show Qinghai people buy a car is not bad money

More than and 40 exhibitors, hundreds of vehicles of different models, and more than 200 beautiful composition models in this team, the National Day holiday, the Xining evening news show is still in a strong, for the public, fans presents a car feast. Every day tens of thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of sales results, not only to the evening show to see the public car buying concept of change, but also to witness the Qinghai people buy a car is not bad money".

  in high-grade car "xiangbobo"

October 3rd, the reporter saw at the show site, Car Buying family car, car enthusiasm, the number of participating dealers said, now, in the high-end models is the people of Qinghai Car Buying preferred. The reporter saw in the Dongfeng Nissan Pavilion, a Mr. Peng is accompanied by the sales staff, carefully understand Sylphy performance, Mr. Peng told reporters: "I want to buy a 120 thousand yuan car, Sylphy atmosphere, interior space is enough, but also fuel, I am ready to take advantage of the car exhibition will buy this car." Guangzhou MITSUBISHI, Ford and other exhibition sales staff also said that before the Qinghai people buy cars are the main choice of 100 thousand yuan car, but in recent years the people of Qinghai to buy more and more "bad money", 100 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan of the most popular models, more than 200 thousand yuan models have less choice.


off-road sedan tie

as the saying goes, the radish leaves, in the previous show, car maintains a thriving "sales", now, with the prevalence of self driving tour and two times Car Buying family increases, many consumers are increasingly favored city cross-country. According to consumer preferences, the reporter saw at the show, the city has different price range of off-road cars can be selected from ten yuan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson to 200 thousand yuan on the Volkswagen Tiguan, maverick etc.. Many exhibitors said that the city due to the large space, high chassis, suitable for home driving, favored by many car buyers, and now the car is basically half the sales of each car.

female consumers momentum strong

has Xiangche beauty, evening show, has a great temptation for men, women are no exception. The reporter saw at the show, a female figure display of the crowd, they see their satisfactory models, will be in the driver’s seat experience. Ford sales consultant Li Shiteng told reporters that in recent years, with the increase in disposable income of women, the automotive market, the rapid growth of female consumers. Different from the male consumers, women pay more attention to the shape of the car, Ford carnival, Fawkes is more popular with women. Shanghai Volkswagen sales consultant also said that women in love colorful models, also favored the hatchback, Cross Polo and New Polo two cars due to the appearance of lovely, moderate price, become the female consumers love to buy cars, "the age of female consumers mainly at the age of 25 to 40;

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