China Women’s handicraft Fair held in Yiwu

in innovation and entrepreneurship activities under the leadership of management, China business ushered in a new development opportunity. Women entrepreneurs also by Dongfeng, to attract a lot of attention. China’s women’s handicrafts Expo provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to show and attract investment.

10 25, organized by the National Women’s Federation of women China handmade products Expo ended successfully in Zhejiang, Yiwu.

5 days, with the Yiwu International Commodities Fair in the East, around the women’s Handmade collective appearance, shine, attracted from all corners of the country’s cloud business customers.

"this is the National Women’s Federation held in Yiwu women’s handicrafts exhibition activities for 10 years, in the largest, the largest and most abundant exhibits a." The National Women’s development minister Cui Weiyan said happily.

The spread of

in Heilongjiang Jiamusi Ma Zhe Huahe fish skin culture Co. Ltd. booth, Ma Jia Xin to the audience again and again not to mind taking the trouble to introduce their own exhibits.

"from development to now almost did not stop, because of Hoche fishskin as a national intangible cultural heritage, many people still do not understand." Ma Jiaxin’s voice sounded a little tired, but also very pleased, "through this several days of exhibition, let more people understand the intangible cultural heritage project, know our company, and had planned to cooperate with us."


in the Dong Mei Ou Ruifan Pavilion, showing exquisite shawls, fashion bag, simple and elegant Dong Jin murals, these products are famous Dong jin.

Beautiful art

A man looks

"cannot accept the order, then it is recommended

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