Deputy director of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress called on the city as their own home care

October 14th, the city’s deputy director Liu De call the newspaper, with city reflect the failure he encountered on the overpass on the public facilities of the scene, once again called on the public to the city as their home care, take care of city public facilities, so that they long for the public service.

day 14:40, Liu Road over the Yangtze River Road, South Gate Street Flyover, saw a 60 year old woman with a pliers, was buried in the bridge guardrail basket disassembly. Liu De asked, "is this your home?" "I don’t think it’s useful." Elderly women say. "If Xining people like you, the city’s public facilities will not be ruined……" Liu Deyu to longly persuade, finally, older women leave removing baskets, went away.

Liu De said that in May he had borrowed the "Xining Evening News" a corner appealed to the public to become civilized people, the propaganda effect is very obvious. This time, he would like to help the Xining evening news, the province’s most powerful paper promotional media, the province’s readers favorite newspaper, called on the public to take care of public facilities. Liu De suggested that the general public to raise awareness of public morality, strengthen publicity efforts to increase the intensity of management, for those who are likely to damage the behavior of public facilities, given the appropriate punishment. Liu De also called on the public in their own bad habits at the same time constraints, can consciously supervision, to stop reporting uncivilized behavior, and recommends the establishment of relevant incentive mechanism to encourage more people to stand up supervision, to stop reporting uncivilized behavior. (author: Sheng Nan)



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