Low 0.5! n Qinghai this winter is a bit cold

Continuous snowfall, so that people clearly feel that this winter the weather is a bit cold, but in the end how cold the weather? Provincial Climate Center experts gave the answer: from November 2013 to January 12, 2014, the province’s average temperature is lower than the average annual temperature of 0.5 degrees, the lowest temperature of low temperature of 0.2 degrees C. At the same time, the province’s average temperature is lower than the number of days 10.0 C, the highest since 1998 the most extreme climate warming.

in the winter before the temperature of 0.5 degrees

provincial Climate Center weather experts Li Wanzhi introduction, from November 2013 to January 12, 2014, our province average temperature of – 8.2 DEG C, a perennial lower than 0.5 DEG C, around the average temperature between 3.2 DEG to 16.5 DEG C. The average temperature is low, the province’s lowest temperature all the way down, the province’s minimum temperature of 14.8 degrees C, compared to the low side of the year low of 0.2 degrees. During the period, the minimum temperature in Qingshui River, the lowest temperature reached 32.2 degrees, the minimum temperature in Xining appeared in January 9th, the temperature dropped to 20.9 C.

low temperature days since 1998 extreme

it is understood that the previous winter, the province’s average temperature is lower than the number of days 10 degrees Celsius, the highest since the 1998 climate warming significant extreme. Qaidam Basin, the area around the Qinghai Lake since 1998 up to the maximum. Maduo, Guinan, five, Longhua, Xining, Republic of Liang, Huangyuan, Dulan, Golmud and Menyuan, Cold Lake days less than the average temperature of – 10 DEG C, the highest since 1998, the most extreme. Whether the above data is the Qinghai Tibet Plateau climate warming trend of change? Provincial Climate Center Weather expert Li Lin said, indicating that the change trend not warming, in recent years, La Nina (i.e. the eastern and central equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies continued cold phenomenon) more, El Nino (La Nina opposite) was less, the solar radiation showed a decreasing trend, so my cold winter days in the province increased before, is a normal cyclical change.

three reasons leading to lower temperatures

Li Wanzhi introduction, the three major reasons for the province before the winter temperature is lower than the perennial. One is the cooling process, the Asian zonal circulation is strong, our province appeared several times; two, the midlatitude height field is low, the cold air mass continued to maintain a long time, affecting a large area of the province; three, southern province of Maduo, Guinan and other places, due to the early rainfall, large area continuous snow, resulting in an average temperature, the average minimum temperature was lower than the average for many years.

high temperatures in most parts of the future

according to the provincial Climate Center predicted that the next 20 days, most of the province’s rainfall is slightly less normal, the temperature in most areas will be higher, which will allow the pre emergence of low temperature weather eased. It is predicted that the precipitation in the central and western regions of the West China Sea will be slightly more normal, and the precipitation in the rest of the region will be slightly less. The temperature in the Qinghai area will be slightly higher than that in the west;

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