Chase travel into the hot period

since entering in June, came to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County tourism tourists increased significantly compared with previous years, chase tourism has entered the hot period ahead of schedule, compared with the past nearly 20 days in advance.

With the chase of the ecological cultural tourism brand

, chase tourism attraction is more and more strong, is becoming one of the most important tourist destinations in the province and outside the majority of tourists eco-tourism. Relying on resources Datong tourism sector, focusing on the needs of the tourism market, and actively tap the potential of the tourism market, tourism rich content, in the traditional driving, ecological sightseeing tourism and tourism experience based leisure travel, the timely introduction of suitable for different needs of the audience of the religious and cultural tours, cultural tours, sports travel and leisure vacation travel business meeting such as tourism, not only by the majority of tourists, but also the connotation and denotation of Datong tourism has got further development.

since the beginning of summer, the scale and level of the rising star rural tourism sites especially in the weekend All seats are occupied., need to be booked in advance. The county’s major scenic spots to tourists sightseeing experience increased significantly compared with previous years. This year launched a self-help tour, sports culture and religious culture tourism and leisure travel business meetings etc. the majority of tourists, especially Kangle travel camp as many self-help tourists preferred rental picnic utensils appeared gratifying situation in short supply. County tourism has shown a good momentum of positive development. (author: Su Jianping)


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