10 new double decker bus pulled into the provincial capital in August 1st last year to meet with the

yesterday, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. ushered in the new members". 10 cars bearing the "beauty of Qinghai, the double decker bus joy xiadou" the latest in August 1st will be officially launched operations. At this point, all the vehicles owned by the bus company is updated.

white body, new interior chairs, user-friendly design…… Just joined the Xining bus company’s 10 double decker bus quietly parked in the bus station unity bridge.

according to the two branch of the Xining public transportation bus team captain Peng Chunkui said that these 10 double decker buses will be included in all the way to the 2 bus fleet in the city of Victoria, said the team will be divided into the following 3 buses. Double decker bus body height of 4.18 meters, a total length of 11.37 meters, each car has a seating capacity of 63. These 10 cars to join the bus fleet after the road, the 2 bus will be increased to 56, to further enhance the capacity of the 2 bus routes.

Peng Chunkui said that the double decker bus company has continued to put into operation the new car of the two step, intelligent coin machine, rear engine, car electronic screen configuration, etc..

reporters in the new double decker bus, the car has two staircases, connecting the upper compartment, near the rear door in front of the stairs, there is a blue baffle.

, according to Peng Chunkui, the design of the two stairs is mainly to divert passengers from the upper and lower compartments, increase the efficiency of getting on and off. And close to the tailgate before the car door, is to prevent passengers on the way down, because the vehicle encountered an emergency and unexpected design. The choice of material is sponge sponge, thickness of about 10 cm.

Xining city bus company technology equipment department director Zhao Ehai said, will be included in the 10 double decker bus to the 2 bus fleet, mainly because the 2 bus lines through the provincial capital is part of the downtown area, and traffic. To promote the provincial capital of urban tourism, enhance the provincial capital of the city grade. The arrival of these 10 double decker buses, but also marks the bus company belongs to more than the number of buses running all the replacement.

the past two years, the Xining municipal government for the implementation of bus priority strategy, the protection of public safety travel, from last year, a total investment of 290 million yuan, the city’s renewal running more than 8 years of age to 1029 bus, from 2014 onwards, the city’s public transportation vehicles update into a virtuous cycle. (author: Zheng Sizhe)

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