North District build livable city xiadou accumulate steadily

in the East and west toward the long and narrow territory of Xining, north of the city like a silver scissors embedded in the above…… Along with the urban construction pace, Seongbuk are strong after blooming and potential to expand urban space, to create a livable landscape ecological city tour city, on the implementation of fine management of affordable housing construction, demolition resettlement, flood monitoring, urban infrastructure construction and other key projects for is to let more people get benefits, so that more people can live a happy and harmonious life, truly "people’s livelihood" and "help people", "people’s livelihood" Le Minsheng "". Especially in the construction of affordable housing and small urban construction projects, highlighting the modern, beautiful, atmospheric, practical features, and strive to build a project, a boutique, leaving a bright spot.
according to the demolition demolition according to law for the benefit of the people of
this year, North District firmly establish the "resettlement demolition resettlement demolition and to promote," the idea of working in accordance with the "overall planning, unified deployment, step by step, to the point, from easy to difficult, the overall advancement of the work requirements, adhere to the law and the harmonious combination of the demolition demolition principle, take a number of measures to actively and steadily, in order to carry out the demolition work, demolition efforts to complete the annual objectives and tasks.
for the successful completion of the municipal government issued the demolition of 1 million 301 thousand and 700 square meters, North District set up by the party secretary, mayor served as commander of the headquarters relocation, the district government and eight by the leadership of the head of the demolition team signed letters of responsibility, requirements of the working group to do publicity, package pack time, package safety, package removal, package stability of the "Five Guarantees" policy, efforts to ensure the effective implementation of the demolition work, let people really see the demolition is the benefit of a good thing, is to the majority of households benefit and practical benefits. The demolition work group in promoting inspection services to promote the demolition, demolition, demolition of the atmosphere to promote the principle, focus on good housing assessment, housing difficulties groups will do, measure, review, archive demolition "mark five". For the majority of households understanding, support and cooperation, the demolition work group to strictly implement the "find out the base, said through reason, general ledger, clear regulations, clarifying the move" five measures, consideration of the situation, the difficulties, the active site of the facts, reduce the contradiction, to solve the problem. With sincerity, careful, warm heart attitude, do the demolition work.
since 2007, Chengbei District of Xining city in the "sunshine demolition, demolition of harmony" principle, will be the first public demolition name, housing area, the amount of compensation, let residents fully enjoy the right to know, right, right of expression and clear the right of supervision, which greatly stabilizes the demolition of the mood of the masses. The organization completed the Golmud of Qinghai Tibet railway line, West Road, North freight transit emergency center 25 national, provincial and municipal key construction projects;

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