Our province has 5 Red Classic scenic spots

recently, the national red tourism work coordination group of 14 member units jointly announced the national red tourism scenic spots based on the original list, our province China Red Army xilujun Memorial, Haibei Atomic City ruins, Yushu Earthquake Memorial Hall 3 classic red tourism scenic area, new Guoluo Prefecture banma County Red Army ditch the revolutionary relics, Sea East County of Xunhua City, the ten Panchen Lama’s two classic red tourism scenic spots. Up to now, the province has reached 5 Red Classic scenic.

2016-2020 "National Red Tourism Development Plan" based on the national red tourism resources census, dig the connotation of red, into the national classic red tourism attractions list red tourism scenic spot, the national level will give priority in capital investment, reform and innovation, policy support and other aspects, to create the perfect classic red tourism scenic spots system highlights the educational function of red tourism, red tourism and play the role of poverty alleviation.

in recent years, the steady development of our province of red tourism, to nurture and practice the socialist core values as a fundamental, in-depth excavation of red spirit, carry forward the traditional red, red inheritance gene, actively create "red, green, integration and development characteristics of tricolor tourism industry, a large number of revolutionary historical cultural resources protection and rational utilization of effective the red tourism line, a basic system, the annual reception number continues to grow, to carry forward the revolutionary spirit of extensive economic and social comprehensive benefits, significantly enhanced.


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