Green development the relentless pursuit of Qinghai

in the most beautiful season, Qinghai will usher in the event once a year — seventeenth Chinese · Qinghai investment and trade fair green development in the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge (hereinafter referred to as the Green Fair). Open cooperation · green development, is still the theme of this session of the fair! Sonorous rhythm, a solid pace, the Green Fair has been singing the theme of green development, continue to attract new ideas, new opportunities, eventually merged into the development of sweet music; the Green Fair constantly highlight the ecological protection in our province priority concept, vigorously promote the recycling economy the development of.

provincial Party committee and provincial government firm attitude, ecological protection priority, in the green, low-carbon, recycling on the road to promote a higher level of development. Although Qinghai is a small economic province, but the prominent position of Ecological Province, "Asian water tower" worthy of the name, here is an important ecological security barrier of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. Qinghai firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, and strive to promote the advance of ecological civilization, the development of circular economy and advanced areas of national unity and progress in the construction of advanced areas.

signed last year: green development projects accounted for 80%

in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and provincial government, the province adhere to the concept of ecological protection and coordination of economic and social development priorities. Green Fair is the main platform to show the results of reform and development in our province. Recalling the 2015 youth fair, we see that contracted projects in the green development industry accounted for 83%. In 378 contracted projects, new energy, industrial chain extension, light industry characteristics and supporting projects accounted for 44%, 23%, 8.2%, and many high-end projects in Qinghai; in investment projects, to show the cycle of industrial chain is the focus of the professional, high-tech display plate, for international and domestic high-end energy development enterprises show Qinghai to create a special advantage industries, accelerate economic transformation and upgrading of great potential. Through the Green Fair, we also introduced a large number of new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, green industrial projects, promote the rapid growth of strategic emerging industries; Qinghai Lake challenge electric cars, electric car lithium industry chain complete application of green environmental protection from resource development to intensive processing, product display, power Saline Lake in Qinghai comprehensive utilization of resources, attracting many domestic famous enterprises. At the same time, Saline Lake chemical, lithium aluminum industry cycle, and many of the industrial chain, fully display industry in our province longitudinal extension and lateral fusion results. Photovoltaic industry, modern manufacturing and other industries of advanced equipment, high-end products, and change with the reception of the industrial system of Qinghai, a single product structure of the old concept.

main direction: green low-carbon cycle development

to achieve ecological protection priority, in the green, low-carbon, recycling on the road to promote the development of a higher level, Qinghai has been working hard to fight!

decisively to stop the assessment of industrial added value in the source area of Sanjiang!

from 2013 to stop the approval of new electrolytic aluminum, cement, iron alloy and other high energy projects! <;

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