Employment social security to distribute more people’s livelihood red envelopes

Wang Jianjun governor on behalf of the government work report made, we should strive to improve and protect the livelihood of the people". Adhere to the development of thought of taking people as the center, starting from the interests of the masses of all ethnic groups will be most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, with a good grasp of the livelihood of the people, to do the work concerning the overall situation. Bear the focus of attention of the people of the two – employment and social security work of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, in the past year to hand over a report card? In 2017, but also to bring the people’s livelihood benefits. January 17th, the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the six meeting of the press conference, the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi one by one to answer these focus on the topic of the second.

focus topic:

how to solve the problem of employment

employment is the livelihood of the people. The grim situation facing downtown pressure on the economy increasing, our province to overcome difficulties, the progressive, vigorously implement the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, efforts to broaden the channels, expand the scale and optimize the structure, maintain and develop the good employment situation is generally stable.

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the 63 thousand new jobs for urban, rural and pastoral areas labor employment 1 million 190 thousand people, completed 108% of the annual target, 113%; 89.7%, the employment rate of college graduates, higher than the annual target of 4.7 percentage points; the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%, lower than 3.5% of the control objectives, compared with the national average of 1 percentage points lower.


– one point: the implementation of College Students’ employment of "two plan", the level of employment not fall slightly". Organizing "recruitment into the campus" talent market day "and" central enterprises for the Tibetan online recruitment and other recruitment activities 168 times, release recruitment information 114 thousand, 17 thousand people signed the employment agreement; strengthen institutions recruitment examination, the annual test to recruit 7013 people; recruited 1560 college graduates, the implementation of the village in office, three of a help and other basic services; 1096 six state without the employment of college students, to aid youth entrepreneurship training and employment training provinces.

* two: Entrepreneurship driven employment. Promote entrepreneurial city, entrepreneurial street, entrepreneurial community to create the work of the organization to carry out the second entrepreneurship contest and the results of the exhibition, the number of participants in 16 thousand. The province has built a business incubation base 34, into the incubation enterprise 2903, driven by entrepreneurial employment of 25 thousand people. The employment and entrepreneurship loans extended to the grassroots, full year loans 570 million yuan to support the independent business of the 4452.

—- three: do everything possible to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen. Increase the employment of labor force in agricultural and pastoral areas, the annual labor income of 7 billion 200 million yuan. To further promote the upgrading of economic Hand-Pulled Noodle, has the transfer of employment of more than 20.4 people, the annual per capita income of 30 thousand yuan. Consolidate the Golden Harvest cotton, wolfberry picking and other service brands, the annual transfer of more than 12 jobs, annual per capita income of 6;

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