North District, 200 sisters received mother parcel

in order to give more love to poor mothers in the Midwest, solve practical problems, their October 10th, North Zone of the first mother parcels release ceremony held in Chaoyang Square, 200 poor mother to mother parcels".
it is understood that this event is a large public event by the fund China women development initiated. Mainly choose the daily necessities of life of poor mothers, mobilize the community through the "one on one" way to donate. At present, the North District Women’s Federation has received the "mother intimate package 710, these parcels are from different regions who love donations, although it carries little parcel, love and care of different regions of the country, people in different industries. The first batch of 710 love parcels were donated to the poor mother Mafang area, which the minority mother more than 80 people. The scene to get parcel 200 sisters joy shows between the lines.
according to the city of North’s person in charge, in order to express their gratitude, 200 mothers received the parcel to fill in the bag and timely reply card sent back to the donor, but also sent to the initiative of the masses, I hope that everyone can use their own practical action to give to other poor mothers their love. Subsequently, there will be 1864 mother parcels have arrived in the north, the District Women’s Federation will ensure that every love parcel sent to the hands of the recipient’s mother. (author: Fang Xu)


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