Cadres into the enterprise to solve the 473 problems

July 18th afternoon, the city held the city’s ten thousand cadres into the enterprise service activities summary. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng stressed that the service enterprise is a long-term work, the relevant departments should study in business activities, to establish a long-term mechanism for helping to put the truth really, national policy support and project support for real power enterprises.

in the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, the city deployed 1000 cadres to set up 8 municipal services working group and the steering group, municipal leaders take the lead contact point of business services, in-depth the city’s 500 key enterprises to carry out policy propaganda, problem investigation, emergency office and other service activities.During the

activities not only solve the difficulties and the urgent question of some enterprises, but also to promote the long-term development of enterprises. Relief Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households value-added tax, business tax, surcharge and 22 million 145 thousand and 700 yuan fee, amounted to more than 10.5 households benefit. In the first half, the city’s 9125 main new cultivation of the market, foster industrial enterprises on the regulation of the 2. Has built all kinds of business innovation base 27, built area of 1 million 51 thousand and 300 square meters (small entrepreneurial base 4, 8 science and technology incubator, micro enterprise incubator 15), a total of 2259 enterprises settled, and promote the rapid development of Small and micro businesses.

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