Ma Fang Street held lectures on pre pregnancy check eugenics project

according to provincial and municipal, District Family Planning Bureau of the relevant requirements, to further improve the jurisdiction of the birth population quality, carry out the primary prevention of birth defects, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, adhere to the people-oriented, deepening the concept of quality service, based on population and family planning service network advantages, the implementation of the "Kang Fu family, family oriented, action oriented plan pregnant couples, carry out free pre pregnancy health check, improve the reproductive population eugenic knowledge of science and health, to prevent birth defects, improve the quality of the population. On the morning of August 28th Mafang Street on the six floor conference room held a pre pregnancy check project lectures and on-site to do free inspection of women of childbearing age. The training of all personnel from the area of the village (community) of married women of childbearing age, floating population and planning engineer a total of more than 60 people.


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