Huangzhong Cadres under the grassroots intentions, with love, hard work

Huangzhong county cadres at all levels in the service of the masses to work at the grassroots level, adhere to the heart to go to the grassroots level, with the style of love, hard work to do practical things, won the unanimous praise of the masses.

mind grassroots

cadres at all levels in the process of visiting contact households, not only the body into the grassroots, but also into the hearts of the masses, and the masses face to face, heart to heart exchanges, to grasp the true idea of grassroots people. The county 1566 cadres and grassroots level of more than 5 thousand and 560 people, visited the masses of more than 1.76 households, the collection of opinions and suggestions of the masses of the people of the proposed article, more than more than 9800 public diary records of the article. And the formation of 60 volunteer service team to contact points carried out a free clinic, art show, science and technology to the countryside, the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation activities 383 times, serving the masses more than 1.16 people. A point of contact propaganda policies and regulations in the 1652 games, the propaganda and education of masses up to more than 21.35 people, the policy of benefiting the party and the state and the benefits of agricultural subsidies will be known to every family, and rural residents, "two rooms" for the construction of a series of policies to strengthen agriculture and benefit farmers. With love to style

in conscientiously implement the central and provincial and municipal "work style, close ties with the masses on the basis of the provisions", formulated the "ten provisions", put forward specific requirements of organs and units and cadres at all levels, to further change the style, work closely with the masses contact provides system guarantee. At the same time, the establishment of sort and solve problems of accounting, as reflected in the masses of the problem can be solved in time, timely solve and cancellation; of not resolved in a timely manner, to determine the time to be solved; can not solve the problem, explain the situation, reason, to the masses do interpretation work, to ensure that the problem of the masses have everything landing, there are pieces of echo, and establish a good image of the cadres to serve the people, pragmatic and trustworthy. At present, has collected the salient issues 902, 635 has helped solve, resolve conflicts and disputes 968, pending petition mediation (up) 66.

work hard

at present, cadres at all levels to do practical things for the masses good 4850, implement assistance funds more than 1150 yuan; the integration of 1 billion 399 million yuan of funds, 10 aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry production, from education and health, housing security and other commitments for the tangible things 50.

County Organization Department county is divided into 4 grids, and sent 22 cadres to rectified guiding party construction work for the county, 2170 unemployed members set positions, members of the public commitments reached 2616. County Housing Construction Bureau in 2013 and fully grasp the construction of key projects, improve and promote the healthy development of housing security and the construction of policies and measures to increase public rental housing and low rent housing, rural reward housing in shantytowns and other project construction efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood. Continue to carry out the "hundred county court judges in 100 villages", take "field courts", "Kang court" in the form of sending law to the countryside, conflict mediation, to provide convenience for the masses;

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