2012 electricity regulatory work (Qinghai) forum held in Xining

The development strategy of

in order to better close to the electric energy of our country, close to the science of China’s power industry development, sound and rapid development, close to the actual power enterprise open fair competition development, power demand close to the masses, to serve the local economic and social development, the industry in July 31st, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held power supervision in Xining (Qinghai) forum. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Luo Yulin, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission party members, vice chairman Wang Yeping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Yeping briefed the meeting on the SERC was established 10 years achievements, informed the work of the current time, and focus on safety, market access, transaction cost and price, power, energy saving and emission reduction, power supply regulation six key regulation and combine supervision put forward specific requirements for service. He said that the electricity regulatory work must fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s policies and policies around the center, serving the overall situation, fair and equitable, regulation for the people.

Luo Yulin on the development of Qinghai energy industry and the twelve provincial Party Congress of the "two new" goal and strategic task of the construction of "three areas" a brief report, and on behalf of the provincial government to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for a long time Qinghai electric power construction of the strong support expressed heartfelt thanks. He hoped that the Commission will continue to strengthen cooperation with the local government, strengthen the power resource scheduling and power supply services, and jointly promote the development of the power industry.

forum, provincial Economic Commission, the provincial power company, the Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Refco Group Ltd, the provincial water conservancy and Hydropower Investment Group Limited and 5 electric power design and installation (repair, test) enterprises with their own reality, to power supervision and reform work put forward opinions and suggestions. State Electricity Regulatory Commission and the relevant departments of the provincial government, Qinghai Huadian Power Generation Co., Ltd. and other 37 companies for the development and supply of electricity and electricity design and installation (repair, test) of the responsible comrades to participate in the forum in. (author: Jia Ming)

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