The chain layout of the new standard what sites don’t chain construction

saw a message of love released in Shanghai today in the A5 website, this information is related to the chain, after reading I have deep feelings, love Shanghai since the storm from June last year the K has in the past 10 months, in 10 months there are countless the net station is K, and there are countless websites back online, and for most web sites which can not escape the chain to get rid of this information and love Shanghai open is countless stationmaster pointed out a new direction, following the author to talk through this news with the author’s experience which website stop the construction of the chain.

And why the sale of

station group into a class class? Fundamentally speaking, this kind of chain construction belongs to the construction of the chain of cheating, before Ali link website now also slightly pulled the hair, there are a lot of station group website because the chain of exchange is now being about K in the face of the search engine, a strong push, we can see that the sale of websites and station group website has come to an end, so as a webmaster to do as much as possible to avoid the chain at these sites, away from trading sites, away from station group website, or an incorrect behavior will the site is brought into the doomed eternally.

HTML super chain network

forum and blog site is the chain before the hardest hit, countless websites for a forum signature and website for shopping, a blog the chain also bought Jian Bo machine, the signature and the machine can make a website in a month the chain set up thousands or even tens of thousands. Before the love Shanghai algorithm is not updated, this kind of website ranking will occupy Shanghai love home, but with love Shanghai algorithm of continuous improvement, the weight and the forum outside the chain of the chain blog has decreased, from the love of Shanghai public information point of view: the forum outside the chain and the chain blog should stop construction. It will also face penalties.

now there are many webmaster service website, this website you only need to search after the information you can leave the chain as a result of love Shanghai spiders crawl, but from today’s information service website, the chain webmaster love Shanghai is not recognized, the chain of love from Shanghai optimization guide can also get this kind of chain is not the genuine users, banned is normal.

webmaster service

HTML here mainly refers to the site of the super chain needs to see by looking at the HTML code, some Adsense now in order not to cause the attention of the user, through the means of hiding links to hide code, this kind of behavior has caused Shanghai love the attention of the search engine, so after the owners in the chain must avoid this a class of HTML links in the construction of website, do not let love Shanghai also think your site is cheating on your site, otherwise it will take.

forum, blog


, station group

The sale of

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