Do four aspects to the website user experience is superficial

website design now has a large amount of schools, is the simple type, a color, animation, exhibition, the two design schools often adapt to different types of Web sites, if only to your site to set, it is very easy to cause the irrelevant, usually foreign the site requires simple type, because the foreigner’s aesthetic taste and the people have great differences, and if you do the site, especially the female website, then the color, the reasonable collocation of animation, more likely to attract the user’s eye

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website content is self-evident, if a website is only bare advertising, no actual content, so the design is more beautiful, the website open speed is of no use, the content of the website to you must be able to help the user, if the collection content only on the Internet, and do not pay attention to the original, then this website is just rubbish summary content, may be useful for some people, but it is difficult to achieve the development of

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of course in website design, but also take into account the Shanghai dragon optimization, because too many images, animation too much is very easy to cause the site open speed is slow, but also not conducive to the website optimization, so the reasonable design is very important for

many webmasters are aware of the importance of user experience, at the same time when the website design will enhance the user experience as a very important index, but often, in the operation of the superficial, causing the site user experience becomes poor, for example, some owners believe that the site must be garish, but colorful. These ideas are correct and enhance the user experience so what is the real draw further apart! The

The importance of

three: Web content

this is the site to enhance user experience a very important work, to know the website space is equivalent to the site, if your home is not allow rapid access, people naturally difficult to visit again, even very fast from your home across the site, lead to jump out rate is high. So in the choice of site space, must be a fast, stable, two, three



two: the website design should be designed according to the


user experience, usually refers to the user in the feeling when you browse the website, in other words, is to change the website provides to the user service what the website is in fact you want to sell products, products in the use of time is not let people feel amazing, just like the original IPHONE3, the stroke can be opened all the content for the website, mobile phone! Must be visual in speed, and use the efforts, this is the real core of the user experience! Below the author from the several aspects to talk about improving the user experience of several work need to do

site space

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