Love Shanghai MP strong incoming Biao take you up

observer network query to August last year, with the launch of Facebook interactive media content creation tools Instant Articles, greatly enhance the mobile web performance, Google also launched a mobile web acceleration project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


at present, mobile web page loading problem is slow, error, reading difficulties, interactive anomaly, mobile web experience poor are likely to cause the loss of customers. In this era of "power, experience is king of mobile Internet, can give users a comfortable experience is essential.

said Google AMP, the page loading speed is four times more than non AMP page. It is reported that the domestic search giant also love Shanghai for Google AMP studied, launched a mobile Web accelerator MIP (Mobile Instant pages) their.

earlier media reports, Facebook launched Instant Article, increased 20% hits, 70% reduction up, increased 30% share; and Google launched Accelerated Mobile Page, after the Washington Post use the increased amount of 30% users. The "Wall Street journal", "New York Times", "Financial Times", BBC, Buzzfeed and other dozens of publishers and technology companies involved in the project.

love MIP, by reducing the size of the pages, from the search results complete faster page loading, make web pages open instantly on mobile devices, browsing experience is not less than the original App. There had been a Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, the aim is to enhance the browsing speed.

observer network October 28th news today, people demand for mobile experience is also rising. I believe everyone will encounter a similar situation, if you use a mobile phone to search news waiting for a long time will feel impatient, slow loading time will be directly off the page. This is why love Shanghai launched MIP project. In October 27th, Shanghai VIP webmaster love auditorium and Changsha dragon station was held in Hangzhou, the theme is love Shanghai’s new MIP technology.

Gao Lei said, visit Faceboo>

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love in search of Shanghai senior technical manager Gao Lei at the meeting quoted two Google share data: mobile users are using APP for 27 months, while Android users on both the access WAP sites in more than 100. This shows that the use of APP saturation, WAP page is an important carrier of the mobile terminal.


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