How to find the keywords SEM B2C platform


for 1.3) here, because the cake industry is really do not know, do not know what are the cake alternatives, so give some examples of other industries, such as 1 cases: when we search in iPhone, then some iPhone high imitation products such as ciphone, hiphone often use "typical" the way to appear in search results (this in some C2C search in the most obvious cases: 2); there is such an example in the B2C industry, we fall in love.

Step one:

at the same time, in each of the above steps, can be divided into several small steps, when we enter the second logic level. For example, in the first logic level "1) keywords" you know this step, but also can be divided into: 1.1) with its own product oriented; 1.2) to industry product oriented; 1.3) to coexist and replacer oriented; 1.4) above the downstream industry chain oriented; 1.5) other some small steps, etc.. Of course, here is not to say that in the first logic level from 1 to 5)) contains the same small steps.

Step two:

B2C platform SEM how to find and set keywords, has been a problem in the SEM specialist headache, feel every word of every word can be set, and can not set a

here back to the text, how to search for keywords, I am here to put it into three big logic level, as shown below:


for the first level of logic, it is divided into the following steps. 1) according to its own products, use your common sense, lists some of the words; 2) by asking around friends, peers, customers get some keywords; 3) get some keywords through competition website; 4) with the help of some professional keyword analysis tools such as Wordtracker for further mining; 5) other methods.

on how to find the keywords, light theory, it is difficult to let everyone know. Here, with his actual case to show its. In the B2C website to sell cake online for everyone to come to this, any similarity is purely coincidental.

needs to pay attention, because I no experience in cake industry, is not associated with the industry professionals to exchange, so in this paper the cake should be how to optimize the B2C website, I just closed doors, mainly by my conjecture, so many places may and does not match the actual.

why want to use the method to search for keywords? For 1.1) and 1.2) is better understood, over here. So here we are from "1.3) to coexist and replacer oriented oriented" began to speak.


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