Love Shanghai gradually cancel the referer keyword display effect extension words and statistics on

by the way, CNZZ provides real-time visitor records of the last 7 days, Shanghai still slightly more powerful than love some statistics.

visitors only love Shanghai statistics, in addition to search words, and key account information, we can look at.

and Lenovo in May 15th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement says it will gradually cancel the referer keyword display, Shanghai love this change led directly to the website visitors part of search words cannot directly display.

2. for the antecedents of visitors, may be part of business cannot be displayed in the search word. To find these conversations in the IP information, statistics analysis, love Shanghai trend to find visitors in real time, and then determine the search term.

3. if you want to bid the flow of real-time monitoring of the search term, may need to constantly refresh the real-time visitor information statistics of Shanghai love.

before the business, if you see with bidding marked traffic, will easily point down the source link, so that you can know the situation of the qualifying search terms of your account. Of course, the premise is the need to switch into their IP and aim to promote regional consistency.


love Shanghai statistics now only record the last 500 time visitors details, so if you compare big website bidding flow, it is best to do the work as soon as possible, or when a few days and then check the data may have been covered.

here I put the bidding self-study network in May 17th in the same period, the search word report statistics, CNZZ, Shanghai love business made a comparison, as shown in figure

business bulletin table: 20 search words, visiting 36 times

Real time



1. bidding extension word with love Shanghai statistical data as the standard, CNZZ and business data may appear relatively large deviation.

can see, because love Shanghai to cancel the referer keyword display, led directly to the CNZZ and business statistics to search words cannot record some visitors.

come to talk about, this adjustment brought some influence and auction website statistics to us.


love Shanghai statistics: 40 search terms were visiting 75 times

CNZZ:21, a search term, visit the 43

recently found that this period of time, many business access sources are shown as " [Links]: www.baidu贵族宝贝", click on this link directly back to the Shanghai love home, but can not see any search term.

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