How to improve the search engine of the website content included the proportion

web content to the original, but the original is not equal to high quality

the content of a web site to be included in search engines, then this site must be search engine spiders crawl and climb, with the search engine on the web is more and more strict, is now very low part of the web site search engine, such as the traditional blog site if a few days do not update then the search engine spiders will be gone for ever, so as an ordinary webmaster we must improve the spider crawling rate, what is web content were monitored every day to grab a spider, the two is an analysis of why spiders crawl these pages, the three is to create conditions for the new web content more spider crawl. Do these three points we can enter the Everfount web spider.

many webmaster think that as long as their website content is original, so that a search engine will be included your web site, but in fact it is not a website original content is just a prerequisite for the search engine website content, more search engines see the website content relevance, freshness, vitality, do the three point search engine can be included in my station, so when we edit website content to let the site content and site related theme, and make the content of the website has a fresh, if can appear some of the Internet there have been no views or opinions, so these contents included will be higher.

website content to be included, the spider is included

static and dynamic equality, but the static than dynamic more easily included

website has been the focus of attention of the webmaster, compared with the traditional chain, the importance of the content is to enhance the search engine, the face of today’s Web site included status, as a webmaster and how to improve the search engine of the website content included ratio? The author detailed talk.


search engine from the public information point of view, the static and dynamic address are equal, but do not necessarily, collected from the current site, static website 90% included are included in the site better than dynamic, indicating that the search engine more love static web site, so we in the site before online will your site static or pseudo static, so that the entire site has a good collection of foundation, of course if your site is now dynamic does not matter, through the pseudo static code can also be completely transformed into a static address, hope that the webmaster to use static web pages, it contains only to ensure.

web content indexed by search engines is a lot of concerns, but from the current owners reflect the situation, most of the website content can not be recognized by search engines, the content does not recognize but due to various reasons, and want to let search engine to improve the website content included the proportion must start from many.


Although the

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