The web site is down right how to do data analysis

optimization is the three major search engines, each has their own rules of the ranking algorithm, but the core is to improve the user experience, to address the needs of users for the purpose, if your site is only for the Shanghai dragon to create content, so the user experience is poor, and the bounce rate is high that can not solve the needs of users, to experience the love of nature is also poor, Shanghai will not give good rankings and weight, so reflect the site right down is the most intuitive search engine rankings included and the decline of IP data, this time we should be the first time to the search engine ranking status collection, data analysis, find out and solve the problem.

in order to let the webmaster to create a higher quality of the website, webmaster exchange platform launched their own love Shanghai and 360 Sogou respectively, the webmaster only need to verify your site on the platform, we can understand that the new search engine algorithm and dynamic, can also learn the latest data on the platform (website the main web search show, the chain chain, etc.) if you stand on these problems, Webmaster Platform will push the relevant notice, this time it is necessary to analyze the investigation on its own website, to avoid the drop right, if you have the right to be reduced, it can also analyze the investigation of recent data.

web site server stability has an important influence on the website rankings and included, server instability will lead to slow or unable to access the website loading speed, do not say first of user experience is not good but more importantly will lead to abnormal long-term is crawling, spider friendly degree, would eventually lead to drop right. In this regard, I believe the use of foreign server webmaster is the most experience of the foreign server although cheap, but its stability is poor, often can not access or load the page is very slow, I have tried to use the Hongkong server station group, and several web sites are on the same server, because the server is not stable, and communicate with suppliers to no avail, resulting in 4 of 5 of the weight of the website is K, then, my heart was almost collapse, which saw the server stability on the site is very important.

2. Webmaster Platform data analysis

3. server data analysis

three search engine analysis


also is the site of the log server: Web log is recorded in the website operation record and search engine users, access to records, can understand the situation through the website IIS analysis tools, from the analysis of the data can also be down right before and after the web site is down right after the previous.

with the search engine update algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er pressure is also growing, not only improve the rankings included difficulty increases, the slightest mistake will hit love Shanghai dragnet causing the site to drop right, with superior and later large restoration work pressure, the website down right after the resumption of work to in this paper, and share with everyone: right down the website how to do data analysis and processing of

receiptAt present, our main object

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