The seasonal fluctuation and forecast hot site keywords

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and a few days ago Zhou Kehua was killed the news to some sites has brought a lot of traffic. In today’s highly developed network era, not the lack of hot news, all kinds of incident powder debut, how to see and capture these high traffic keywords is our webmaster to do some homework.

How to forecast the trend of

keywords, some keywords will fluctuate with the social hot spots, such as held a few days before the 2012 Olympic Games Forum, the words very engage in 2012 July search, but now the heat is much less than before, as shown below:

website keyword search index is not immutable and frozen, with the seasons, popular trend, and some other factors change. As before the television, sewing machine, DVD and some other words have less attention. Even if there is a high ranking website will not give much traffic. With the passage of time, the keyword search volume decreased, so your site keywords to do some changes along with the change of time, in order to cope with change. In these factors, seasonal fluctuation is the most obvious, also is the holiday and other words. In the love of Shanghai index is easy to see that this change, we have to "spring" as an example in Shanghai love index as shown below:

is the largest in the first month of 2012 to March of the search, this is the concrete manifestation of a word changes with time, as the "winter" index

of course through the hot words over the flow does not necessarily have the sales conversion rate, therefore not suitable for all sites. As our website is an electronic mall selling products, we introduce too much traffic brings hot social independent, how to sell the transformation, it depends on how we put their products and the introduction of the news, a certain logical connection. If the parties are unable to contact, flow into such is of no significance, unless you are linked to GGAD or click on the ads website.





is the highest index in 2011 10-12 months, we can conclude that the index is in under the influence of seasonal fluctuation is big, moreover is seasonal specific related products, such as the summer: Chiffon dress, t-shirt. Such as: winter coats, leather, cashmere coat etc.. Keywords, such as moon cake festival, the college entrance examination, dumplings, these products. A lesson in how to grasp the sales is our webmaster to do.

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