Keywords ranking stability is the key to play fast and loose

is the result of the website space, website inside some walking sites involved, recently moved to the other space, slowly improved, but still the snapshot is slow, it is only September 21st, but still have the keyword ranking, may also need a period of time slowly improved the website to slowly recover weight. Based on the keywords ranking unstable phenomenon, I think it should be an antidote against the disease situation is stable, keywords.

Hello, I am Shanghai attracting network. Love Shanghai algorithm changes sometimes mean the mood of the webmaster, this is not a year or so, recently keyword ranking fluctuation is very large, sometimes after the home page, and dropped to 100, when the site snapshot, site keywords ranking is very good, is in the first page of the top position, when no time to snapshot, almost all in 100, and this phenomenon has experienced a period of several months, a few weeks before the love Shanghai snapshot returned to August 21st, serious correction, keywords immediately disappeared.

Through the analysis of

by a love of Shanghai period, keywords ranking is relatively good ranking is more difficult, especially some of the more popular keywords, cannot say casually appear good rankings, and if the site keywords appear large fluctuation, we can carry out a full range of inspection on the site, such as the stability of the chain, now love Shanghai for this requirement is relatively high, if the chain lost too much, will cause the site to drop right, keywords ranking drop is inevitable, in addition to some other factors such as server, site security etc..

three months after the station ranking is not stable

love Shanghai for new sites keywords ranking seems to have a care stage, although it is new sites in low weight, but the keyword ranking will get a good ranking, but the good ranking won’t have too long time, generally have a maximum of about a month, or even one or two weeks the keyword ranking will disappear for this, "normal", owners must first be prepared, do not think that it is so easy to do keyword ranking, it belongs to a normal stage, not because the keywords ranking is good or happy or sad.

how to do?

personally feel love for Shanghai recently website related domain requirements to improve the general quality of the poor will be eliminated, we should timely remedy, or once love Shanghai domain losing too much will lead to the site to drop right, for this I think the practice of the chain must pay attention to methods, not only do you love the chain for example, many webmaster love visiting the forum, often leave the link in the Forum; some owners love blog the chain; some owners to use soft Wen to promote love, these are not too single, like many webmaster said love is in the sea on the blog the chain to strengthen the management of the poor quality of some of the deleted, if it is too narrow, the site.

new sites keywords ranking unstable

how to do?

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