How to do the long tail keywords

1. tools. For example, Jinhua keywords development tools, development tools like Shanghai keywords, love Shanghai index, after WordNet, great data

: what is the long tail keywords

1. to prepare high quality original content, improve the amount collected

long tail keywords named Incredibles is relatively long, usually consists of 2-3 words. Sometimes it is a phrase. Long tail keywords generally exist in the website content page title and content. According to authoritative statistics, the main keywords occupies only 20% of traffic, although the long tail keywords search volume keywords core was not so much, but a long tail keywords Many a little make a mickle., with several to dozens of traffic, so it can be accounted for 80% of the total flow. And the long tail keywords competition is lower, at present there are few people who know how to optimize the long tail keywords, so system, realize the long tail keywords is a good thing for us.

3.51, cnzz and other statistical tools to observe what the customer search keywords in the.

. Long tail keywords some competition is relatively low, as long as the long tail keywords according to write a high quality of the original article, very easy to page ranking. In addition, the amount collected is fundamental to numerous keywords ranking, not included any talk about ranking, so improve the amount collected is the priority among priorities. A A5 article, ten trick to help your site quickly included, which details the rapid collection of practical measures, we can refer to.

4. free combination of long tail keywords such as: model + core keywords, keywords

2. title appears long tail keywords

believe that the Shanghai dragon have heard of the long tail theory, and target words in general with the home page optimization, long tail keywords generally exist in the web page content, although the search volume is very small, but the number of such words can be infinite, do the long tail keyword optimization, can bring huge traffic to the site for Everfount. What is the long tail keywords, how to find the long tail keywords and how to do the long tail keywords


also remind you: parity, contrast, ask the long tail keywords class and area of the search for the highest conversion rate. We can focus on the long tail keywords

2. Shanghai

two: how to find the long tail keywords

+ core area This is the basis of To optimize the long tail keywords appear to

in the title, "

love the search drop-down box and relevant search love Shanghai, this is recommended.

The use of

here I have written an article published in the A5, how to write business title allows users to quickly search for you, there are thirteen methods of how a combination of keywords, we can refer to, here is not to repeat the.

three: how to optimize the long tail keywords

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