Website optimization to comply with the three must

: the first must have a positive attitude


each have their own set of optimization techniques, with good success. Use well, right down to K station is a heap then. K webmaster often to the forum posts for help, there are many enthusiastic friends will put their lived experience to share one out, let them know how to restore. Since it has had mixed success. The optimization is a bottom line, are out of the K may be more than the bottom line, or on the bottom line often wandering back, leading to the search engine is unbearable, you don’t have to endure. Direct K off. So we optimize the site when the search engine to abide by the bottom line, impassable, not casually to challenge his bottom line. My personal experience, website optimization process, the three must comply with the.

and worry!

saw a small title, some people will think so, now I’m not farming, what is hard work. If you think so, is wrong! Here’s hard work is not in the traditional sense. Here refers to the hair of the chain, update the content, do Links some small details. These my personal opinion or person as do, after all, now so developed, can be replaced by software, but the software is dead, you set it, it will give you instructions according to the immutable and frozen hair. Others are directly see the advertisement, especially the chain, we are not in the chain chain! But to be more friendly to search engine. Solve all roads lead to Rome state and, for users to find our website and the pure promotion to the outside chain are not too long, maybe a month, two months, three months would fall, not up to the long-term stable condition. There is content, content update is every webmaster must do every day, there is a lot of software can be collected, but those are collected online repeatedly in a high degree, no real significance. For example, you see an article for ten times, it will look eleventh times? Unless the brain >

must work hard

website optimization spell is patience. Who stick to the end, who is the winner. Is not a saying? The last laugh is the biggest winner! So we do stand is the same. Stick, is a must do the work station. Three days fishing nets two days of drying is not suitable for people to stand. Because they only have a moment of passion, think of today do stand fun, make money fast, immediately bought the domain name space. A few days later, found that the website ranking is not to go. At the beginning of the enthusiasm faded out, sometimes a few days do not look at the website. Do not stop. Rather than give up anything. So the correct attitude, when you do stand, the first thought is not how much money, but can not stick to it. Only they want to give a good planning to have a chance of success. A famous person said: there is no clear plan, what is difficult to succeed! Website optimization mentality is the most important, and is included or not up, not included

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